July 31, 2014

Lantau Island is home to the famous Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery and the epic Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride. Aside from these not-to-miss sites, Lantau is also home to my favorite view and landscape in Hong Kong. Climbing up the steps of the Big Buddha reveals a beautiful 360-degree view of surrounding Lantau. I had been to Lantau last year, when I was in Hong Kong, and fell in love with the rolling landscape. On my recent trip back to Lantau, I was completely surprised by how low the clouds were on that particular day, creating a completely different (and magical) scene from the already-gorgeous Lantau that I had seen one year ago. 


July 29, 2014

This past week/weekend I was in L.A. for a collaboration with Everlane (more on that later!). The trip was brief but I did have one free day to eat, shop, shoot and explore L.A.

Saturday morning, I met up with my friend Eva, who was kind enough to pick me up and drive me around to some great spots in L.A. We started with breakfast and coffee at The Pie Hole and then strolled around the shops in the Arts District. One of the stores that really caught my eye was Alchemy Works. I loved the lofty space and beautiful shelf, spanning one of the walls, which was beautifully curated with home goods and accessories.

The last shop we visited was Hammer and Spear, which had a lot of unique treasures ranging from rugs, furniture, kitchen goods, apothecary and textiles to leather goods.  I ended up walking out with some adorable Merchant & Mills Entomology Pins and baby bow scissors.

The Pie Hole, 714 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90013

Alchemy Works, 826 E. 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA. 90013

Hammer and Spear, 255 S. Sante Fe Ave. #101, Los Angeles, CA. 90012


July 15, 2014

Things have been quiet here because I have been on vacation for the past couple of weeks (more to come on that in future posts!). Before I bombard you with a slew of posts from my travels, I wanted to post about a fun collaboration that I did with Bon Appétit, right before I left for vacation.

The NYC BA Grub Crawl took place in Greenpoint and the Lower East Side on June 21, 2014. A week before the Grub Crawl, I had the opportunity to visit all of the Greenpoint locations to eat, check out the space and report back on my Instagram account. I had a great time eating my way though each place and also having the opportunity to visit some restaurants that were on my list of places I have been meaning to try. Here are a couple of highlights from each place I visited:

The rustic décor and moody, naturally lit space of Glasserie stole my heart as soon as I entered. I ordered the Yellowfin crudo (with kumquat, rose and jalapeño oil), which was deliciously refreshing on that warm summer day. I’d also recommend pairing it with a glass of rosé.

Alameda is a cozy spot located on Franklin St. I had a radish salad and oysters with cucumber mignonette. I consider myself new to oysters, since I have only been eating them for about a year; however, I can say that these oysters were the best I’ve had so far.

Coco 66 is a music venue with an adorable restaurant next-door. The restaurant interior is to die for with its clean, minimal décor and skylights that I could only dream of having in my apartment. What I loved most about the interior, was a section with bar-type seating with a window looking onto the kitchen. I love when restaurants have visible kitchens because it brings a community feeling to the restaurant and to the dining experience.

The food at Manhattan Inn was, hands down, delicious. I got to sample the house made gnocchi (with braised oxtail, pork ragu and tomato sauce), the house salad and the burger and fries. The Manhattan Inn Burger & Fries was a tasty and colorful stack of grass fed beef, bacon, pickles and aged cheddar.

Known for its extensive beer selection, the Diamond is a bar also offering a variety of savory pies and a meat and cheese plate. I happily sampled the meat and cheese plate and washed it down with a refreshing glass of rosé.

Although the Crawl is over, I highly recommend visiting these places if you are in Greenpoint.

Glasserie: 95 Commercial St, Brooklyn, NY. 11222

Alameda: 195 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY. 11222

Coco 66: 66 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 11222

Manhattan Inn: 632 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 11222

The Diamond: 43 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY. 11222