January 15, 2015

Yesterday, I got to enjoy an elaborate omakase experience by Chefs Mitsuru Tamura and Tatsuya Sekiguchi of Sushi Yasuda The event took place in Space 28, which was transformed into a contemporary Japanese garden, filled with  plants and orchids.The beautifully styled garden and refreshing cocktails were a welcomed spring-like treat amidst this frigid NYC winter.

To warm up our palates, the tasting began with a piece of lightly cooked sea bass. We were presented with several courses of sushi ranging from tuna, to yellowtail, to fluke to mackerel. One piece I specifically loved was scallop with a dash of sea salt crystals on top. It was also quite an inspiration to be able to watch the chefs prepare each dish during the meal. 

As the courses kept flowing, along with hot sake, we had delicious sardine, a fatty tuna roll with scallion,  and a bowl of light fish broth with noodles. I was also lucky to snag the last piece of uni sushi, which I was eager to try. 

It was a pleasure to meet fellow creatives and enjoy this bespoke omakase experience together. We all left with lots of smiles and very happy bellies.

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