March 31, 2015

I’ve been sitting on these images (as well as many others!), since I returned from San Francisco back in January. Since Alcatraz is such a popular tourist destination, I was a bit hesitant to post these; however the overall mystique of this place has resonated with me ever since my visit.


March 30, 2015

It was quite an honor working with Bergdorf Goodman (and Harper Collins) to produce images to promote the release of their new, illustrated cookbook

Some of my selects from the shoot are pictured above and listed below (from top to bottom and left to right):

1. Deborah Needleman’s Meyer Lemon & Arugula Pasta

2. Kelly Wearstler’s Arugula, Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad

3. Bobbi Brown’s Brussel Sprouts Faux Pasta

4. Edward Bess’s Pan-seared Chicken with Pecans and Orange Zest

5. Bergdorf Goodman’s The Goodman Cocktail


March 27, 2015

I had the pleasure of shooting the fine jewelry of Vrai & Oro. Their pieces have a minimal yet substantial and timeless feel to them, which I admire. It’s as if I could wear their pieces forever and they will never feel dated. As a ring lover, I have the Diamond Line Ring and the Trillion Diamond Ring, but I absolutely want to pick up some of their new diamond stacking rings.


March 25, 2015

Yesterday, I stopped by SIXTY SoHo to visit a friend in town and to take a peek into their lobby and common areas. It was impressive how they designed the tiny space to make it feel bright and spacious. It was surely a serene respite from the bustling city life just outside.


March 15, 2015

The lovely little General Store. Another gem of a place from my San Francisco trip a couple of months ago.


March 10, 2015

The days have gotten a bit longer, but it is still coat, hat and glove-wearing weather here in NYC; however, I am looking forward to being able to wear these spring goodies which were sent over by the kind folks at Madewell. This winter has been lasting so long that my uniform has become layers of cashmere sweaters and long underwear. I can’t wait to ditch the sweaters and wear everything else in my wardrobe!


March 7, 2015

I was utterly surprised and honestly, quite relieved that my pants still fit upon returning from my recent trip to San Francisco; although, they were notably more snug. I have only the delicious Mexican food, fresh avocados and the many great restaurants and coffee shops to blame :). If you are headed to San Francisco and need some food recommendations, here are some links to where I ate some of my favorite meals of the trip. 

1. Plow (pictured above): I do not typically get excited over pancakes, especially since I prefer savory foods in general; however, I did get extremely excited over their lemon ricotta pancakes. I highly recommend ordering “The Plow” to get a nice sampling of their eggs, potatoes, bacon and lemon ricotta pancakes. You will not be disappointed! 

2. Taqueria Cancun: The burritos were so good here that I actually ended up going twice. Try the special seasoned pork super burrito.

3. Outerlands: We went here for lunch and I noticed that the bulk of their menu is sandwiches during lunch time. Since I don’t eat bread, this was a bit of a surprise, but they happily made me an “open faced bacon and egg sandwich” minus the sandwich. I was surely not missing the bread since it was also served with bok choy, caramelized onion, squash and a fresh avocado. 

4. Gracias Madre: Delicious, and I stress, delicious vegetarian/vegan Mexican cuisine.  Make sure to order a dish which includes their homemade corn tortillas. 

5. Woodhouse Fish Co.: Good seafood joint with delicious fish tacos. Try the fresh oysters and also the BBQ oysters. Go to the Fillmore Street location and stroll around all the surrounding shops afterwards. 

6. Tacolicious (pictured below):  We ate here on our last day and I still had yet to try tortilla soup in San Francisco. I was happy that I waited until Tacolicious to try it because it was hearty, flavorful and not too acidic (as I find many tomato-based soups). However, the dish that stole the show of this meal was the albacore tuna tostadas.  Highly recommended!


March 6, 2015

This month brought about some positive changes around here. For those of you who do not know, I moved out of my Manhattan apartment, where I lived for the past six years (!) and moved across the bridge. That’s right, I’m officially a Brooklynite! In addition to the new apartment and new borough, I am utterly thankful to have found a studio space with some wonderful studio-mates. It’s great to have a dedicated workspace (and an extra place to decorate!). Interior photos of the new spaces are forthcoming (once I get all of my belongings out of boxes…).


March 5, 2015

I recently moved and have since been overwhelmed by unpacking and organizing. As a neat freak and minimalist, it’s been quite a challenge living out of boxes and rummaging through boxes every time I need something so small as a mug for coffee. I still haven’t located my Hario Kettle, which has made morning-coffee-making quite difficult. Anyway, two days ago I made major headway on unpacking my kitchenware and organizing it all into the cupboards; all carefully and strategically stacked on the high shelves after hours of standing on the countertop.

This brings us to today. Today: A day where I gave myself a serious, tough love pep talk, which included things like “All boxes not going to the photo studio MUST be unpacked today”, “the more you ignore this mess, the longer you will be living amongst a mountain of boxes!”, “your creativity is suffering and these boxes are stifling you!” and of course some encouraging words like, “Come on girl, you can do this!!!”, “Don’t let these boxes own you! OWN the boxes!” etc, etc, etc. 

All was going well; my bathroom items unpacked and organized and the medicine cabinet cleaned and perfectly arranged. Motivated and on a roll, I tore open yet another box of kitchenware/props and then, as if the universe knew, after about a week of dark and overcast skies, the sun suddenly shone into the apartment. It illuminated the room so brightly that it transported me from the 20-degree weather to a hot summer day. 

Having felt like NYC has been enclosed by a dark cave for about a month, the light suddenly became very inspiring. I dug out some glasses, hopped onto the counter-top (several times) and carried armfuls of glassware into the bedroom to take advantage of the beautiful light that this city hasn’t seen in a while. 

There is now a set in the bedroom, along with piles of not-yet-hung clothes and most of the glasses I spent hours organizing, while standing on the countertop. The curtains are on the bed, because, well, they were obviously interfering with the shot.

I am again repeating my self pep talk, which now includes unpacking, re-hanging curtains and also re-organizing all of the kitchenware I ripped out of the cabinet in my bout of inspiration. One step forward, ten steps back. And I still haven’t found my Hario! 


March 1, 2015

Have you ever wondered where all the behind-the-scenes magic happens at Everlane? Well, I sure have! 

It has been nearly two years since I’ve been working the folks at Everlane and I had never actually visited their San Francisco headquarters (or San Francisco for that matter!). Needless to say, it was a real treat to visit their sun-filled lofty office space, to meet in person those I have only known via email, to catch up with my buddies Red and Alyssa and to see a preview of the items coming out this year. Let’s just say that I’ve already compiled a shopping list :) Looking forward for what’s to come in 2015!