March 7, 2015

I was utterly surprised and honestly, quite relieved that my pants still fit upon returning from my recent trip to San Francisco; although, they were notably more snug. I have only the delicious Mexican food, fresh avocados and the many great restaurants and coffee shops to blame :). If you are headed to San Francisco and need some food recommendations, here are some links to where I ate some of my favorite meals of the trip. 

1. Plow (pictured above): I do not typically get excited over pancakes, especially since I prefer savory foods in general; however, I did get extremely excited over their lemon ricotta pancakes. I highly recommend ordering “The Plow” to get a nice sampling of their eggs, potatoes, bacon and lemon ricotta pancakes. You will not be disappointed! 

2. Taqueria Cancun: The burritos were so good here that I actually ended up going twice. Try the special seasoned pork super burrito.

3. Outerlands: We went here for lunch and I noticed that the bulk of their menu is sandwiches during lunch time. Since I don’t eat bread, this was a bit of a surprise, but they happily made me an “open faced bacon and egg sandwich” minus the sandwich. I was surely not missing the bread since it was also served with bok choy, caramelized onion, squash and a fresh avocado. 

4. Gracias Madre: Delicious, and I stress, delicious vegetarian/vegan Mexican cuisine.  Make sure to order a dish which includes their homemade corn tortillas. 

5. Woodhouse Fish Co.: Good seafood joint with delicious fish tacos. Try the fresh oysters and also the BBQ oysters. Go to the Fillmore Street location and stroll around all the surrounding shops afterwards. 

6. Tacolicious (pictured below):  We ate here on our last day and I still had yet to try tortilla soup in San Francisco. I was happy that I waited until Tacolicious to try it because it was hearty, flavorful and not too acidic (as I find many tomato-based soups). However, the dish that stole the show of this meal was the albacore tuna tostadas.  Highly recommended!

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