March 5, 2015

I recently moved and have since been overwhelmed by unpacking and organizing. As a neat freak and minimalist, it’s been quite a challenge living out of boxes and rummaging through boxes every time I need something so small as a mug for coffee. I still haven’t located my Hario Kettle, which has made morning-coffee-making quite difficult. Anyway, two days ago I made major headway on unpacking my kitchenware and organizing it all into the cupboards; all carefully and strategically stacked on the high shelves after hours of standing on the countertop.

This brings us to today. Today: A day where I gave myself a serious, tough love pep talk, which included things like “All boxes not going to the photo studio MUST be unpacked today”, “the more you ignore this mess, the longer you will be living amongst a mountain of boxes!”, “your creativity is suffering and these boxes are stifling you!” and of course some encouraging words like, “Come on girl, you can do this!!!”, “Don’t let these boxes own you! OWN the boxes!” etc, etc, etc. 

All was going well; my bathroom items unpacked and organized and the medicine cabinet cleaned and perfectly arranged. Motivated and on a roll, I tore open yet another box of kitchenware/props and then, as if the universe knew, after about a week of dark and overcast skies, the sun suddenly shone into the apartment. It illuminated the room so brightly that it transported me from the 20-degree weather to a hot summer day. 

Having felt like NYC has been enclosed by a dark cave for about a month, the light suddenly became very inspiring. I dug out some glasses, hopped onto the counter-top (several times) and carried armfuls of glassware into the bedroom to take advantage of the beautiful light that this city hasn’t seen in a while. 

There is now a set in the bedroom, along with piles of not-yet-hung clothes and most of the glasses I spent hours organizing, while standing on the countertop. The curtains are on the bed, because, well, they were obviously interfering with the shot.

I am again repeating my self pep talk, which now includes unpacking, re-hanging curtains and also re-organizing all of the kitchenware I ripped out of the cabinet in my bout of inspiration. One step forward, ten steps back. And I still haven’t found my Hario! 

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