May 23, 2015

The first time I saw Lake Michigan, back in April, I had to do a double take; the color of the water was surreally tropical looking for a somewhat chilly day just on the other side of a highway from a major US city. When I returned to Chicago the following month, I was happy that there was some free time to explore this phenomenon. I had many questions concerning Lake Michigan, some of which included, “How is the color so unbelievably blue!?”, “Why isn’t every person in the Chicago area going to this tropical paradise every day of their life!?”, and most importantly, “Why the heck aren’t more people photographing and posting about this beautiful body of water on blogs and on Instagram!?”. 

After doing some Google research, I found out that I was not the only one who was curious as to why it was so blue. Although it was hard to find an actual scientific paper as to why the water might be so blue, I did find this article, which states that the color might be a result of the sudden bloom of microscopic marine plants. While this satiated my curiosity a bit, I am still eagerly searching a more thorough explanation. 

Perhaps Chicagoans have become immune to Lake Michigan’s beauty or perhaps I’ve been living by the Gowanus Canal for too long, but I have the impression that I would be visiting Lake Michigan daily if I lived in Chicago!

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