June 8, 2015

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a ceramic addiction. In many ways I find myself trying to live a very minimal lifestyle, yet I constantly find myself browsing and shopping for ceramics. Perhaps since ceramics are also one of my favorite things to photograph, I justify this obsession by convincing myself that they have dual functionality as useful tableware and props. 

I recently added many ceramics to my collection…so many that it will actually require more than one blog post to feature them all. Featured here is the Speckled Porcelain Tableware collection from TOAST, one of my favorite online shops. 

I also have my eye on some of the bowls and jugs from their Anna collection. After all, who doesn’t need more beautiful milk jugs in their life!?


June 7, 2015

Sometimes when there is a lot of administrative work, editing, retouching and emails, it is important to take a quick break and do something creative that recharges oneself. Everyone has their outlets, their time when their mind relaxes and when they don’t have to think about anything else for just a few minutes. For me, its photography; I am interested to hear what yours are.