October 14, 2015

Hotel Alexandra was the first hotel in which I stayed while visiting Copenhagen. Maybe it was the vibrant colors, the classic Danish furniture, the welcoming staff, the central location, or the view from my room's windows...I'm not quite sure what it was, but something about this place just made me happy.

In contrast to the more contemporary Copenhagen hotel I posted about here, Hotel Alexandra is furnished with more classic Danish designs by Borge Mogensen, Finn Juhl, Nanna Ditzel, Arne Jacobsen, Ole Wanscher and other iconic designers. The atmosphere is a perfect mix of classic and vintage, yet with a contemporary vibe.

Hotel Alexandra recently opened its first Collector's Suite, in hopes to take its design theme one step further; the first Collector's Suite has a 1970's feel and laid back ambiance, bringing back a period of Danish design history that embraced new trends. When I was staying at the hotel, the Collector's Suite was not yet opened, so I did not get to see it; however, it is going to be re-designed around four times a year to feature curated pieces that will actually be for sale, should guests fall in love with the pieces during their stay (perhaps it is a good thing that I did not get to see the suite!).

Hotel Alexandra, H.C. Andersens Blvd. 8, 1553 Kobenhaven V, Denmark

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  1. Never been in Copenhagen, I'm taking notes of all your recommendations :))