October 7, 2015

A quick train ride outside Copenhagen and a pleasant walk through a charming Danish suburb, leads to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Besides being set in a small court with quaint cottage-like buildings covered in vines, upon entering this museum, it resembles any other- tickets are sold just in front of a small museum shop carrying Danish design goods, information maps and upcoming exhibition cards are stacked along the sales counters. However in looking to the left, the store is aligned with windows that reveal the magic of this museum: a vast outdoor area, sculptures and a dramatic view of the Oresund Sound. 

The sculptural grounds are composed of many levels ranging from works on a rolling field with the sound as a backdrop, pieces placed around a lush lagoon, and even site-specific art and architecture located through wooded areas and along hidden paths, all with breathtaking views of the water. 

I was hesitant to venture outside Copenhagen, as I was only spending a few days there and still had much of the actual city to explore; but visiting these grounds was such an unexpected serene and surreal experience, that I long to return during my next visit to Denmark. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful museum, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Whitney! It really is one of the most beautiful museums/museum grounds I've seen. Definitely worth the visit if you are in the Copenhagen area. :)