The Great Wall of China on Film

November 30, 2015

It is a little embarrassing to say that I visited the Great Wall of China in June of 2014 and just had my film processed and scanned last Tuesday (Yikes! Please don't do the math to figure out how long that roll was sitting in my apartment!). I did share some digital images from my visit to the Great Wall here, which were posted in a much more timely manner.

On that day, back in June 2014, it was a hot one, at least 100 degrees F plus 90% humidity; so naturally, I decided to haul along the Mamiya C330 in addition to my hefty DSLR. It was worth all of the blood, sweat and tears (ok... actually there was no blood or tears) because of the sheer joy brought to me by receiving film scans, even if they are 1.5 years late...

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