Walkable Heels and A Dress Over Pants

November 3, 2015

Despite two recent posts, where I raved about my black and white leather sneakers, I am determined to not have to wear sneakers and flats all of the time in the city. As much as I love leather lace ups, I enjoy the elegant feel of heels and a nice pointy toe. I found this pair (very price friendly, but they have since sold out. These could be a cute alternative), which have the perfect pointy shape and a heel short enough to enable me to walk miles in the city, but substantial enough to make me feel elegant and put together.

I recently attended an event to which I wore my Vivienne Westwood dress over a pair of black pants (you may have seen me mention this on Snapchat). On that particular evening, I was in the mood to wear something drapey that wasn't quite a dress and something a bit fancier than pants, so I decided to combine the two. I was surprised by all of the compliments that I received on this combination, so I decided to post some pictures of it here. I'd suggest pairing this look with a pair of dainty heels to balance and add some femininity to the ensemble.

Details: Heels (similar) / Dress (similar option that would also be cute worn over pants) / Pants / Diamond rings