Classic Minimal and Metallic

December 28, 2015

There is a reason why we ladies love accessories: they can completely transform the same ensemble into something completely different (hear that guys!? there is an actual reason for our innate love of shoes and bags). 

Starting with these culottes, this classic silk and maybe some comfy flats, I can create a classic, minimal daytime look by pairing them with this bag, wallet and watch (pictured below). Perfect for daytime appointments and meeting friends for coffee or lunch. 

As every other New Yorker constantly on the go, I like to maximize my time, especially when transitioning from day to evening. Doing a quick accessory swap, like throwing on some heels and adding a metallic bag, will completely make the ensemble cocktail and party-ready. I love this little bag, which is sleek, yet fits all of my evening essentials. Its a lovely (and easy!) way to add a bit of sparkle to an evening out.

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