Geranium & 10 Things You Didn't Know About Chef Rasmus Kofoed

December 15, 2015

Chef Rasmus Kofoed, I think, is one of the most inspiring chefs around. Maybe it's because he holds three Bocuse d'Or metals, or because he is the brains behind the esteemed Geranium restaurant in Copenhagen, or maybe it's because his food and execution are just plain gorgeous. Whatever it may be, the more I learn about Chef Kofoed, the more inspiring, down to earth and just cooler I think he is. 

I met Chef Kofoed at Geranium when I was in Copenhagen. Inspired by his restaurant and his work, I decided to find out just who is the man behind this two star Michelin-rated restaurant. I was most interested in getting to know the Chef Kofoed outside of Geranium; I wanted to know the information that we can't find on Wikipedia (although, if you aren't familiar with Chef Kofoed, I do suggest that you read about him and all of his accomplishments) I dug a little deeper...


1. As a young boy, Chef Kofoed aspired to be a Professional Skateboarder 

2. In fact, Chef Kofoed still skateboards today. When he's not running Geranium, he can be found skateboarding at Skate Parken on his Bob Burnquist board

(Rap) Music

3. A little bird mentioned to me that Chef Kofoed had a fondness for rap music. It turns out that his favorite rap artist is R.A. the Rugged Man ...

4. ... and his favorite rap song is Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang

5. In addition to rap, Chef Kofoed is also a U2 fan and Bono is one of his favorite artists

Food, Travel & Lifestyle

6. I'm always fascinated by what chef's eat. It turns out that Chef Kofoed's go-to comfort food is falafel ...

7. ... and that his favorite indulgence is pancakes with vanilla ice cream and blackberry jam (well, that's understandable!)

8. If he is looking for a coffee or snack, he can be found at his favorite local coffee shop, Atelier September 

9. When Chef Kofoed is not wearing his chef's uniform, he can be found dressing casual and wearing Vans and/or clothing by his favorite designer, Hernik Vobskov

10. As for travel, San Sebastian is one of his favorite destinations

A very special thank you to Chef Rasmus Kofoed, Virginia Anne Newton, and the Geranium staff for their kindness and hospitality.

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