Club Monaco New Arrivals Featuring Kate and Lucy Foley

May 12, 2016

Kate and Lucy Foley, sisters extraordinaire, both sweet, gorgeous and accomplished in their careers: Kate, an NYC-based creative consultant and stylist, who has an adorable workspace in SoHo; Lucy, a London-based author whose books include The Book of Lost and Found and The Invitation, which is set to release in August. Needless to say they were a joy to meet and photograph for Club Monaco (be sure to check out the New Arrivals Kate and Lucy are wearing here).

Stedsans - Clean Simple Local

May 2, 2016

If you know me personally, or even just follow along on my blog or Instagram, you have heard me gush over my trip to Copenhagen last year. Words are not strong enough to express just how kind hearted and outright amazing are those I met during this trip. As the years go on, I will never forget this trip and those I met along the way.

One experience that surely stood out, was meeting and spending the day with Mette Helbaek and having the opportunity to dine at her restaurant Stedsans - Clean Simple Local, which she opened and runs with her husband, Flemming Hansen.

Mette met two journalists and me at a quaint coffee shop one morning and proceeded to take us around Copenhagen, showing us the best spots to eat. Her kindness and genuine enthusiasm for food was contagious. It also turned out that we knew a handful of the same people (small photography/food world!). If Mette's kindness to lead us around all day wasn't enough, she also had us dine at her restaurant that evening. 

Stedsans - Clean Simple Local is a restaurant located in a greenhouse atop Denmark's first rooftop farm, OsterGRO. The menu changes weekly and is composed of 5-6 courses served family style to be shared among the guests seated around one long table. The ingredients are sourced from local biodynamic and organic farms, and the cuisine is mainly based on plants an is free of gluten and artificial ingredients. 

In addition to the wonderful food and getting to know the fellow diners, we were even graced with a surreal Copenhagen sunset to close our dining experience.  

Dining at Stedsans is highly recommended if you are visiting Copenhagen. Be sure to plan ahead and make your reservations several weeks in advance to be sure you get a reservation during your visit.