Happy News & How to Let Go and Enjoy Every Moment of Your Wedding Day

December 21, 2016

This is a bit of a departure from what I typically post about, but I figured it's always a good idea to share some happy news. On October 22, 2016, we got married! I've been eagerly awaiting to share some images and alas they have arrived (thank you Stephanie Brauer Photography!)! I also thought it would be fun to talk about how perfect your wedding can be when you decide to let go, let the day unfold and embrace the imperfections.

While I was making the finishing touches to my lipstick and trying not to let my dress hit the dusty floor of my apartment, my best friend said to me, "If at the end of your wedding, your hair is still in place and your dress is in perfect condition...you did not have a good time at your wedding. If your hair has fallen out and your dress has been stepped on and spilled on...well... then you had an amazing wedding." Eureka! This is why she is my best friend - she is so incredibly wise! My dad stepped on my dress and tripped over the train as we were just about to head down the aisle (everyone and the dress were ok and we and those who saw had a good laugh!) and despite having had trial hair and makeup, my hair had fallen out by the end of the night. And I had an amazing time at our wedding. As far as brides go, I was told that I was pretty laid back...maybe even too much so. We planned our wedding within 5 months after getting engaged. Around a month before the wedding we figured that we should probably make and send out the invitations. Luckily mostly everyone made it. Instead of a rehearsal dinner, we had an early dinner with just our parents (where they met for the first time) and then we recruited (ok...begged) our friends to come over and help us make bouquets for the reception dinner tables, while I set to work on my bouquet. That morning, my parents had been kind enough to take me to the flower market, where I bought the last 200 dahlias. The dahlias were gorgeous. However, I was so excited to meet up with my husband for our first look that I completely forgot my bouquet for all of our pictures. We were having so much fun, that I didn't even realize I had forgotten it. Since it had been left in the dark bridal room, the leaves had wilted, but I still carried it with pride down the aisle...because...well...I was up until 1am making it! Of course, no one even noticed the wilting leaves. 40 degrees F and 30mph winds were surely unexpected elements on our wedding day, especially since it had been 70 degrees and sunny the entire week prior. These conditions didn't stop us from doing our first look and our pictures outside in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. After all, we had booked this venue because we were just dying to get married outside in the beautiful gardens. While subzero, windy conditions didn't stop us from taking our pictures outside, it did however, prevent us from having our dream ceremony and cocktail hour outdoors (let's face it - we are not that crazy and I hate being cold). Moving the ceremony indoors wasn't ideal of course, but we fortunately had a great time roaming around and enjoying the gardens before the ceremony for the pictures. And let's be honest, a point came where we were just too cold to care where the ceremony was held.They say that you can plan every detail of your wedding impeccably, but that some things will still happen not according to the plan. We did plan pretty well, but we were committed to being stress-free and to expecting the unexpected. It's the unexpected that makes for a memorable wedding: it's the little mishaps during the ceremony that cause everyone to burst out laughing, it's you and other people stepping on and tripping over your dress, it's being utterly freezing together taking pictures and it's the picture at the end of the night where your hair has fallen out that makes a wedding that much more fun. It's also dancing together, laughing and celebrating the life that you are embarking on together. It's about letting go, sitting back and enjoying every moment of your wedding day as it unfolds. It will be perfect, no matter what. And it was.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Stephanie Brauer Photography for photographing our wedding and to our friends and family who were indispensable with planning and executing the day. A very special thank you also to my uncle who was the absolute best officiant. 

Details (Bride): dress by Leanne Marshall, capelet by Ivy & Aster, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood
Details (Groom): suit by Thom Browne, shirt and tie by Liberty London, vest by Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons, shoes by Grenson

Fewer, Better Holiday Gift Ideas

December 12, 2016

Over the past few years, I gradually began changing the way in which I shop for clothing and accessories. Continuously purging items that I do not wear or use,  I cleared my closet and made room for timeless items of better quality. 

I have thus always been attracted to Cuyana's message of "Fewer, Better" - owning fewer items of better and lasting quality. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Cuyana asked me to recommend some items that would make great gifts. For those interested in incorporating the "Fewer, Better" model into gift giving this year (or if you need a quality, timeless gift for yourself), here are a few recommendations:  

Oversized Bucket Bag: Great for a city-dweller constantly carrying reading materials and (in my case), a small camera. A mini version is available for those who do not need to carry so much

Warm Cashmere Scarf: A scarf soft and warm enough to get one through a brutal winter (this quickly became my go-to in the recent frigid NYC weather)

Soft Wool Cashmere Coat: A chic and (very) soft spring / mild-fall coat, that is reversible

Wool Cashmere Boatneck Sweater: Warm, but not bulky...a sleeker alternative to a winter sweater

Happy Holiday season!

Ultra Slim Elegance

December 1, 2016

The first thoughts that came to mind when I saw the Movado Ladies Ultra Slim, were "sleek, rich and luxe". The narrow design is sleek-looking and pleasurable to wear. The blue-faced watch really grabbed my attention; I found the dark chocolate-toned straps paired with the navy-colored face to be a unique combination for a watch, as it adds rich and luxurious colors to any ensemble. Try pairing it with lighter-colored neutrals so it pops, or even with darker greens, camel and navy for an over all rich fall/winter color palette. I was so attracted to this color combination, that this watch was the inspiration for the moodier environment and tones of this shoot. 

Side table, mirror, vase and container by Menu