Les Infusions de Prada : Rose

December 4, 2017

Les infusions de PRADA are the result of a collaboration between Miuccia Prada and perfumer, Daniela Andrier. Each infusion emanates a distinct personality: the poetic interpretation of a natural ingredient. This story introduces the rose infusion, reminiscent of early summer's roses. The result is spicy, airy, vital and fresh; an open air scent transported by sun and a summer breeze.

Fall Foliage

September 18, 2017

Upon waking in the morning and feeling that first chill in the air, I'm bittersweetly reminded that another summer has come to a close; however, this chill carries the anticipation of another season and reminds me that there are cozy memories to be made. I'm reminded of slow mornings drinking tea while wrapped in a blanket, walks in the park amongst the colorful foliage, and settling in with a book or a movie during the longer evenings.

This distinguishing chill also awakens a new color palette, tucking away summer hues and reviving the earthen tones. Shades of olive, rust and chestnut provide comfort and warmth and prepare us for the start of a new season and new possibilities. 

Featured here are my fall picks from Cuyana:

Cotton Cashmere Crewneck
Small Carryall Tote
Gold Bar Belt
Leather Coin Pouch

Introducing Vince Home Collection

September 12, 2017

Over the summer, I had the privilege of previewing Vince's debut home collection, which is scheduled to launch next month. I'm thrilled to be able to share these images as well as the news, which I've been keeping under wraps.

With Vince's attention to luxe yarns and a refined aesthetic, it seems only natural for the brand to foray into home decor. The Vince Home collection will join the Vince Collective, which includes a curated selection of third-party home goods, sold in stores and online. The Vince Home collection will include blankets and pillows in cashmere and wool/cashmere blends.  Although, I previewed the collection during the summer, the heat did not stop me from wanting to curl up in into those cashmere blankets! Looking forward to the launch of this collection and to picking up a few things myself!

Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Chicago

September 6, 2017

The Robey's charm not only lies within its window-lined rooms, cozy reading nooks and impeccably designed lounge, but also in the details preserved from the building's original stance in 1929. Formerly known as the North West Tower, the building has been renovated with a new perspective, while preserving its renowned past. Stunning Art Deco details impress the eye upon entering the lobby, where the original dark green marble and brass remain. 

The hotel's 180-degree views make the rooftop the perfect place to enjoy an evening cocktail, alongside the glittering Chicago skyline. On the second floor lobby (open to the public), one will find an urban-cool oasis - an ideal spot for sipping an espresso, plugging in, or meeting friends for a drink.

The Robey's allure is not limited to its interior, but also the surrounding Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods. The area's restaurants and shops are thriving with an arts and culture-centric community, all beneath the historic steel girders of the city's L train. 

A special thank you to Mr & Mrs Smith for being my go-to resource for finding such special hotels. 

Summer Style - Market

August 21, 2017

As we ease from summer to fall, I'm keeping an eye on flowing fabrics and styles that are not quite summer and not quite fall. These looks from Duo NYC are just right for those slightly cooler summer days as well as those warmer early fall afternoons. I love looks like these that transition perfectly from morning market trips, to an afternoon in the park with friends and into an evening dining outdoors. Here's to hoping that summer lasts just a tad longer. 

All looks from Duo NYC

Strewn Belongings

July 24, 2017

Our favorite chair is sometimes the one we choose not to subject to daily wear and tear; it is the one we like to keep close, the one we like to protect and preserve. It is this chair that we entrust to hold our special items after our most memorable evenings and after our most trying days. With unconditional devotion, this chair never fails to catch our most precious strewn belongings.

Featuring: Menu Synnes Dining Chair / Marni blouse (similar and similar) / Maison Margiela booties / Chloe bag

Summer Style - Resort

June 28, 2017

Vintage pieces possess that certain je ne said quoi. Perhaps it is the story and the life the piece has lived, the places it has traveled, the care it has been given or the sentiment attached. It may also be the way vintage exudes elegance, taste and mystery; how unique we feel when it is draped around us, or the timelessness of its silhouettes. Though these pieces have journeyed throughout history, their allure is everlasting.

At DUO NYC, sisters Wendy and LaRae are dedicated to finding these covetable vintage pieces.  Their handpicked vintage collection is integrated seamlessly with unique finds from modern independent designers. In this story, DUO NYC's selection of vintage and modern designs live in harmony, creating an elegant summer style.

featured items:

. patchwork slip dress
. salio mule
. vintage top and skirt
. miro earrings
. aave ring
. optimo hat

This Afternoon's Accessories

When it Rains...

May 17, 2017

Save (something) for a rainy day. This idiom often used to describe saving money or something of value to provide contingency for when times are tough. Though it is unclear how this expression began, it is indisputable that the "rainy day" is symbolic of financial and emotional gloom. 

It is difficult to disassociate rain with gloom, especially since this affiliation can be traced to the 16th century. But what if saving for a rainy day were instead associated with the luxuries we find hard to enjoy during our over-charged lives: an opportunity to lose ourselves in a book, watching a movie while laying close with our loved ones, lingering over a home cooked meal, or even braving the weather, snuggling under one umbrella with our partners and exploring our neighborhood in the new light and textures the rain brings.

Stutterheim raincoat / Instrmnt watch / J.Crew silk tank / Acne jeans

Objects of Interest

April 19, 2017

A little sparkle goes a long way with Menu's tactile vases and bottle grinders. Adding these shiny touches immediately transforms any interior into a polished lux-feeling space. Functionality, simplicity and timelessness are essential when adding elements to my home; combining these aspects with their unique designs, Menu will easily become one's go-to for home goods.

Tactile Vase, Bottle Grinder, Pouch