Pink & Green

February 5, 2017

Slowly and steadily, I have been cleansing my closet of items I've outgrown or just don't wear anymore. In doing this, I realized that, somewhere, somehow, I had fallen into a habit of purchasing only black and white clothing. Of course there is nothing wrong with this; but I'd personally like to have less of a monochromatic wardrobe, and have thus been inspired to add a bit of color to my collection.

Green has always been a favorite color of mine and I find that I'm particularly fond of the color when paired with a pale pink. Of all the bomber jackets out there, this one from the Everlane E2 collection caught my eye. The color is unique: bright, but not too bright, rich but not too dark, green but not an army green. The slight shine to the material also adds a bit of a sleek edge to the piece. Its slight padding makes it a great fall or spring jacket, but it is also thin enough to wear under a winter jacket as part of an indoor outfit. Pairing it with this supple pink pouch (also from Everlane) adds the perfect rosy hint of femininity and grace.

Additional credits: Boots by Vince, Jeans by Ports 1961 (similar option, and a sale option)
Photographed at The Contemporary Austin

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