Where to Stay in Paris: Hotel Panache

March 28, 2017

Back in early March, after having been confirmed on a shoot in Paris, I was left with about a week to book a ticket and accommodations. Having had such a positive experience the last time I used Mr & Mrs Smith to reserve a hotel, I was confidant that I would find a special place to stay.

In the heart of Paris's lively 9th Arrondissement, the stylish Hotel Panache became my friendly home away from home. A cozy lobby area, looking out to Rue Geoffroy-Marie, was an ideal spot for an afternoon coffee break and chats with other hotel guests. David Lanher's adjacent restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; however, the hotel staff will gladly serve your caffeinated beverage of choice throughout the day, which can be enjoyed on the lobby's plush couches.

The hotel's playful design fits perfectly with the surrounding vibrance and energy of the neighborhood. With easy access to cafes, museums, historical monuments, shops and wine bars, one does not need to travel far to experience the joys of being in Paris. And with a sweet box of La Mere de Famille chocolates on arrival (a special Smith Extra, if booked via Mr & Mrs Smith), one might not even need to travel too far from the room itself.

Hotel Panache, 1 Rue Geoffroy-Marie, 75009 Paris

Winter Landscapes

March 14, 2017

Atop Mont Tremblant one can see snow-covered, rolling mountains for miles. It is quiet up here, at this altitude and the buzzing world seems to have paused. Inhaling the crisp air while the eyes gaze at this never-ending landscape is truly meditative. They say the best thing for the mind is to go somewhere daily, where one is unable to differentiate between the past and the present. Amongst this incredible nature, I cannot tell whether I am in a world stifled by technology, or amongst a Victorian era snowfall. Time has stopped, the mind is free and the beauty continues to live.

Series photographed in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

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