Travel Guide: Where to Eat in Hanoi and Hoi An, Vietnam

January 24, 2017

As mentioned in my previous post, I am flattered to have received so many emails asking for recommendations on where to stay and where to eat in Vietnam. As a follow up on where to stay in Hoi An, I'd like to recommend a few places to eat in both Hanoi and Hoi An. 

The wonderful thing about eating in Hanoi and Hoi An is that you can pretty much wander into any cafe, restaurant, or even by the street food vendors and eat something delicious. That was at least the case for us; and we ate a lot while we were in Vietnam...a lot! Though we didn't experience one bad, or even mediocre meal during our stay, I have highlighted my absolute favorite spots. All are highly recommended. 

Cha Ca Thang Long: As the name suggests, this restaurant serves up the Vietnamese iconic fish dish of Cha Ca Head to this spot, filled with locals, for a fish dish that is cooked at your table. Great for: dinner

Pho 10: Our favorite spot for Pho; the broth is so delicious and flavorful that we ended up going back twice for breakfast. Ask for the fried dough (not on the menu) to dip into the soup as the locals do. Great for: breakfast

Quan An Ngon: This ourdoor market-style restaurant is worth the walk from the Old Quarter. Though there is table service, one can walk around the perimeter to visit all of the food stalls where the meals are being prepared. Try the stir-fried chayote leaves (Ngon su su xao toi), the rice paper rolls with sauteed beef and vegetables (pho cuon) and the fried tofu with rice noodle (bun dau ran mam tom). Great for: lunch

Cafe Pho Co: This hidden coffee shop is a little sanctuary amongst the bustle of the city. Enter through a silk shop, order coffee on the first floor and then walk up to the third and forth floors to snag a spot on one of the terraces (both have great views of Hanoi). Browse around the several levels of this cafe, which are lined with plants and statues. A great place for an afternoon break. Great for: Vietnamese coffee

Hoi An had a bit less-of-a local feel to the food scene, as the restaurants are primarily targeting tourists; nonetheless, we still experienced some great food and these recommendations are surely worth trying if visiting Hoi An. 

Vy's Market: This was our favorite spot in Hoi An. It was so good that we went once for lunch and then back again for our last meal in Vietnam (where we ordered probably over half of the menu). It has a similar feel to Quan An Ngon in Hanoi: a market-style restaurant with food being prepared in different stalls along the periphery. An enjoyable spot to have a Vietnamese sandwich for lunch or a place to go all out for dinner. Great for: lunch and dinner 

Morning Glory: Another yummy spot we happened upon for lunch. It is the same owner as Vy's Market and also Maison Vy hotel (where we stayed). Great spot for lunch in the center of Hoi An. Be sure to go at an off hour before the crowds start lining up. Great for: lunch and dinner

Cha Ca Thang Long: 31 Duong Thanh Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi

Pho 10: 10 Ly Quoc Su Street, Hanoi

Cafe Pho Co: 11 Hang Gai (4th floor), Hanoi 

Vy's Market: 3 Nguyen Hoang Street, Hoi An

Morning Glory: 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An


Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Hoi An, Vietnam

January 4, 2017

Last year, we spent a wonderful week in Vietnam's Hanoi, Bai Tu Long Bay and Hoi An areas admiring the gorgeous landscapes, exploring the cities by dodging motor bikes (on foot!), eating delicious and spicy pho and drinking lots of Vietnamese coffee. Although it has been a year since I visited, the past couple of months I have been getting a lot of emails asking for Vietnam travel recommendations. This has inspired me to do a two part post on where to stay in Hoi An and also where to eat in Hanoi and Hoi An. I am thrilled that people are looking to visit such a beautiful country and that they are entrusting me with travel recommendations. While in Hoi An, we stayed at a boutique hotel not too far from the Hoi An center, Maison Vy. It was one of those hotels that feels like home. Incredibly welcoming, friendly and genuine staff made the stay a pleasant ease. The pool was a wonderful way to cool off during the scorching afternoons and the complimentary breakfast was beyond our expectations. Enjoy freshly made soup noodles, pastries, exotic fruits and of course, strong Vietnamese coffee. Their cafe is open during the day as well and a nice, cool spot to enjoy an afternoon coffee or snack. Maison Vy is truly a little gem of a place and a sure recommendation when traveling through Hoi An. Stay tuned for the next post on where to eat and have coffee in Hanoi and Hoi An...