A Pastoral Poem

"...The flowers do fade, and wanton fields,

To wayward winter reckoning yields,

A honey tongue, a heart of gall,

Is fancy’s spring, but sorrow’s fall..."

-Excerpt from The Nymph's Reply to the Shephard by Sir Walter Ralegh


A sleeveless trench from The Frankie Shop (The Garo) is paired with leather pants by Materiel

Savannah wears a layered look (from inside to outside) by COS, Materiel, The Frankie Shop (The Garo) and Lemaire for Uniqlo; earrings are by Still House


on the left, a top by COS is worn with a skirt from The Frankie Shop (Soo & June); on the right, Savannah wears a coat from The Frankie Shop (L'art) and earrings by Agmes


Savanna wears a COS top under a Materiel coat. Coats by The Garo (from The Frankie Shop) and Lemaire for Uniqlo are then layered on top

Savannah wears sunglasses by Celine, a sleeveless trench from The Frankie Shop (The Garo) and gold hoops by Still House

left: dress by Acne Studios; right: coat by COS, earrings and bangle by Still House, dress by Acne Studios

left: Helmut Lang skirt; right: vintage dress and Nastya's own jewelry


left: dress by Materiel, right: leather jumpsuit by The Frankie Shop, Uniqlo tank top, vintage necklace


left: a vintage necklace is worn with a tank top from Uniqlo; right: a cropped jacket by Henry Lee is worn with Materiel pants


Fashion Links:

Look 1:

top by COS

coat by Materiel

coat from The Frankie Shop (The Garo)

coat by Lemaire for Uniqlo

earrings by Still House

Look 2:

coat from The Frankie Shop (The Garo)

pants by Materiel

Look 3:

op by COS

skirt from The Frankie Shop (Soo & June)

Look 4: 

jacket from The Frankie Shop (L'art)

earrings by Agmes

Look 5:

sunglasses by Celine

coat by Materiel

earrings by Still House

Look 6:

dress by Materiel

Look 7: 

jumpsuit by The Frankie Shop

tank by Uniqlo

vintage necklace

Look 8: 

cropped jacket by Henry Lee

dress by Materiel

Special thanks to PR Consulting and The Frankie Shop