bai tu long bay, vietnam

Seven days is too short of a time to travel through Vietnam. In fact, it is barely enough time to scratch the surface. On a whim, the night before leaving for Asia, we booked an overnight stay on a boat that was to sail through Bai Tu Long Bay in Vietnam. Although reputed as a tourist sight, one can see that it has obtained this reputation for one very good reason: it is truly a jaw dropping and surreal experience. A definite recommendation even if you do just have a few days in Vietnam. While sailing through the bay on the Dragon Pearl Boat, all that is visible is blue green water, limestone formations ducking in and out of fog, and rays of sunshine for as far as the eye can see. 

The boat docks and we kayak along the crystal waters to explore the isles and their complex textures: lush vegetation, creviced rock meeting the sea in dissolute formations and mysterious caves with extravagant patterns.


Back on deck, I watch the sun set behind the isles. Influenced by the direction of light, their colors have changed drastically throughout the day. From a foggy blue grey in the morning, to a rich green in the afternoon and now to various shades of orange, pink and blue as the sun fades. I wait with anticipation to see which colors the rocks will turn with tomorrow's sunrise. 

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