depth of a scent 

unique fragrances for the home and body

photography . sharon radisch

A scent is more than a last minute accent that we hurriedly spritz on ourselves as we scurry out the door. Scents can be a portal through which we are transported to an imaginative journey, a picture of the past provoking meaningful memories or an aura that wraps around us like a blanket while we sit lost in a good book. 

Commodity's Black Collection has a unique type of fragrances that are dark and complex with unexpected pleasantries. My favorite, the Book scent, uses a combination of eucalyptus and sandalwood to create a fragrance that is deep, musky and woodsy. Inspired by the works of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, it transports us to our favorite library, book store or even our grandparents' old bookcases, to provoke memories of the past and turning the page into our future.