Over the past few years, I gradually began changing the way in which I shop for clothing and accessories. Continuously purging items that I do not wear or use,  I cleared my closet and made room for timeless items of better quality. 


I have thus always been attracted to Cuyana's message of "Fewer, Better" - owning fewer items of better and lasting quality. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Cuyana asked me to recommend some items that would make great gifts. For those interested in incorporating the "Fewer, Better" model into gift giving this year (or if you need a quality, timeless gift for yourself), here are a few recommendations:  


Oversized Bucket Bag: Great for a city-dweller constantly carrying reading materials and (in my case), a small camera. A mini version is available for those who do not need to carry so much


Warm Cashmere Scarf: A scarf soft and warm enough to get one through a brutal winter (this quickly became my go-to in the recent frigid NYC weather)


Soft Wool Cashmere Coat: A chic and (very) soft spring / mild-fall coat, that is reversible


Wool Cashmere Boatneck Sweater: Warm, but not bulky...a sleeker alternative to a winter sweater

Happy Holiday season!