this afternoon's accessories

This segment of This Afternoon's Accessories is upon us and I would like to feature the Cuyana Saddle Bag. In efforts to have fewer things of better quality, I have been diligently purging my closet of items that I no longer wear, items that don't fit quite right or that don't truly reflect my aesthetic. I've narrowed down to about four bags of various sizes and colors to rotate as my go-tos, depending on my size and needs for the day. 


This bag has surely made the cut as an essential. I love the neutral color and how flattering it sits when being worn - not too bulky, yet large enough to fit my Sony a7rii and iPhone 6s Plus. The perfect strap adjustment also saved me a trip to the cobbler. As a petit person, I typically have to have extra holes punched in my bag straps to have the drop fit properly; but with this beauty, I just took it out of the packaging and easily adjusted it to perfection. 

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