Daikanyama at Dusk

Tokyo's charming area of Daikanyama was the perfect setting for our fall fashion editorial. This composed and elegant little area of Shibuya is neutral in palette, while abundant with unique textures and architecture; its beige colors, concrete walls, subtle geometric details and modern constructions make for a truly unique backdrop. Tokyo's signature vending machines are carefully speckled about adding a bit of spunk, but not interfering with the elevated-yet-not-stuffy mood of the neighborhood. 


Daikanyama at dusk inspired us to showcase a mix of structural and flowing pieces by local designers, Irene and Le Ciel Bleu, in addition to some of our favorite brands like Jil Sander and Priory

above: Yu wears a top by Priory, skirt by Jil Sander and her own boots; right: Yu wears a coat and top by Irene

above: Le Ciel Bleu pants; right: Yu wears a dress by Irene

left and above: Yu wears a top by Priory and skirt by Jil Sander

above left and right: Yu wears coat by Irene and pants by Le Ciel Bleu

Yu strolls around Daikanyama in a dress by Irene and her own boots above; to the right, she wears a top and jacket by Priory

left: Yu wears top and jacket by Priory and pants by Irene; above: she wears a top by Priory, skirt by Jil Sander and her own boots

above and right: Yu wears a jacket by Irene and pants by Le Ciel Bleu

Photography: Sharon Radisch

Model: Yu Kuroki (Satoru)

Styling: Emma Schwarz

Hair: Rena Kobayashi

Makeup: Kumico Ando


Look 1:

Top: Priory

Skirt: Jil Sander

Look 2:

Jacket: Irene

Pants: Le Ciel Bleu

Look 3:

Dress: Irene

Look 4: 

Top and Jacket: Priory

Pants: Irene

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