Upon waking in the morning and feeling that first chill in the air, I'm bittersweetly reminded that another summer has come to a close; however, this chill carries the anticipation of another season and reminds me that there are cozy memories to be made. I'm reminded of slow mornings drinking tea while wrapped in a blanket, walks in the park amongst the colorful foliage, and settling in with a book or a movie during the longer evenings.


This distinguishing chill also awakens a new color palette, tucking away summer hues and reviving the earthen tones. Shades of olive, rust and chestnut provide comfort and warmth and prepare us for the start of a new season and new possibilities. 


Featured here are my fall picks from Cuyana:


Cotton Cashmere Crewneck

Small Carryall Tote

Leather Travel Case Set

Gold Bar Belt

Leather Coin Pouch