The Things We Keep

With the recent New Year, we've been hearing a lot of buzz and resolutions based around the integrity our closets. What to keep? What to purge? In efforts to live more conscious, minimal and sustainable lifestyles, paring down and investing in those memorable items, that will last a lifetime, seems like a small way help to reduce our footprint, not to mention makes it much easier to get dressed in the morning. Gone are the days of having "nothing" to wear. A few timeless pieces, which never go out of style, can make us feel specially dressed no matter the day, no matter the occasion. The treasures that I choose to guard, are those that I can wear and use with pride every day. Here we feature some treasures from Chanel that have a permanent place in my closet and continuous use in my beauty cabinet: la petite maroquinerie, the pilot sunglassesle lift le crème main, boy de Chanel lip balm and sublimage les grains de vanille. 

We feel it is important to note that all props and set items used in this shoot were reused from packaging and also scavenged from our studio's recycling room. No effort is too small.