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Unleash the Magic: How to Capture and Share Stunning Live Photos

How to Take and Send Live Photos

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment in a way that goes beyond a traditional still image? Live Photos, available on iPhones, allow you to do just that.

They combine the beauty of a photograph with the motion and essence of a video, creating a captivating and immersive experience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of taking and sending Live Photos, as well as provide tips on how to create stunning Live Photos.

Activating and Taking Live Photos

To activate Live Photos, simply open your camera app and look for the three concentric circles icon at the bottom part of the screen. Once you’ve found it, tap on it to activate Live Photos.

It will turn yellow when activated. Now, whenever you press the shutter to take a photo, it will also capture a few seconds of footage before and after the shot.

When taking Live Photos, it’s important to consider your subject and capture motion. Whether it’s someone jumping, water flowing, or leaves rustling in the wind, these subtle movements can bring your Live Photos to life.

So be mindful of the environment around you and look for moments that can fill up the space in your Live Photo.

Sending Live Photos to Non-iPhone Users or Saving as Still Images

One of the challenges of Live Photos is that they can’t be directly shared with non-iPhone users, as Live Photos are essentially a combination of an image and a video. However, there are a few workarounds to this limitation.

First, if you want to send a Live Photo to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone, you can save it as a still image. Simply open the Photos app, find the Live Photo you want to share, and tap on it to open it.

Once you’re viewing it, tap on the word “LIVE” in the top-left corner. This will play the Live Photo, allowing you to stop on the desired moment.

Then, tap on the share icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen and choose the desired method of sharing, such as messaging or email. If you don’t want to convert your Live Photo to a still image but still want to share it with non-iPhone users, you can use the Airdrop feature.

Airdrop allows you to wirelessly transfer files between Apple devices. Simply open the Live Photo in the Photos app, tap on the share icon, and choose the person you want to send it to via Airdrop.

They will receive a still image of the Live Photo. Another option is to convert your Live Photos to a video format using third-party apps like Lively.

These apps allow you to convert Live Photos to video, adding some special effects such as filters or even a watermark. Once converted, the video can be shared with non-iPhone users through various platforms and messaging apps.

Tips for Taking Engaging Live Photos

To create stunning Live Photos, it’s important to treat them as videos rather than just photos. Think about adding motion to your shots.

This could involve panning the camera to follow movement or incorporating elements that naturally show movement, such as people walking or running, or landscapes with flowing water or drifting clouds. These small details can make your Live Photos more captivating and tell a story.

Editing and Enhancing Live Photos

Once you’ve captured some amazing Live Photos, you can further enhance them through editing. The Photos app on your iPhone provides a range of editing parameters for Live Photos, including filters, exposure adjustments, cropping, and more.

To edit a Live Photo, open it in the Photos app and tap on the “Edit” button. You’ll be presented with a variety of options, including filters that can give your Live Photo a unique look and feel.

You can also adjust the exposure to ensure that the colors and lighting are just right. Additionally, the editing tools in the Photos app allow you to crop and straighten your Live Photos.

You can even use extra tools like the brush or the healing tool to remove unwanted elements from your shots. Don’t forget that you can mute the Live Photo if you want to remove the accompanying sound.

If you’re not satisfied with the changes you’ve made, you can always revert your Live Photo to its original state. Simply tap on “Revert” to undo any edits you’ve made and return to the original Live Photo.

For those looking to add some special effects to their Live Photos, the Photos app offers a range of options. You can select the “Loop” effect to create a continuous loop of the Live Photo, or choose the “Bounce” effect to make it play backward and forward.

If you want to create a long exposure effect, which can give your Live Photo a dreamy and ethereal look, select the “Long Exposure” effect. In conclusion, Live Photos provide an exciting way to capture and relive moments with a blend of motion and still imagery.

By activating Live Photos, capturing subjects in motion, and knowing how to send or save them, you can create and share stunning memories with friends and family. So, grab your iPhone and start capturing the world in a more immersive and dynamic way with Live Photos.

How to View and Share Live Photos

Now that we’ve explored how to take and create stunning Live Photos, it’s time to learn how to view and share these captivating moments.

Viewing Live Photos is a breeze, and sharing them with others can be done through various methods.

In this section, we will guide you through the process of viewing Live Photos and provide you with options on how to share them effectively.

Viewing Live Photos

To view your Live Photos, simply open the Photos app on your iPhone. Once you’re in the app, navigate to your photo library, and you’ll notice a separate folder for Live Photos.

Tap on this folder, and you’ll see all your Live Photos grouped together. When you tap on a Live Photo, it will animate, showing the captured motion and bringing the image to life.

Press firmly on the screen if you have a 3D Touch-enabled device, and the Live Photo will temporarily play. This feature allows you to see the motion in full detail before releasing your finger.

Sharing Live Photos

Sharing Live Photos is an excellent way to bring moments to life for your friends and loved ones. Here are some methods you can use to share your Live Photos:


Sending through Messages: If you want to share a Live Photo with someone directly, the Messages app is a great option. Simply open the Live Photo in the Photos app, tap on the share icon, and select the Messages app.

Choose the contact or group you want to send the Live Photo to, add a message if desired, and hit send. They will receive the Live Photo, and when they view it, they can enjoy the motion just like you did.

2. Using Airdrop: Airdrop is a quick and convenient way to share files wirelessly between Apple devices.

To share a Live Photo through Airdrop, open the Live Photo in the Photos app, tap on the share icon, and select the person you want to send it to using Airdrop. The recipient’s device should be nearby and have Airdrop enabled.

Once they accept the Airdrop request, they will receive a still image of the Live Photo. 3.

Sending through Email: If you prefer to share your Live Photo via email, the process is simple. Open the Photos app, locate the Live Photo you want to share, tap on it to open it, and select the share icon.

Choose the email app you use, compose your email, and attach the Live Photo to the email. Keep in mind that the Live Photo might convert to a still image when sent via email, depending on the recipient’s email client.

4. Sharing on Social Media:

Sharing Live Photos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a fantastic way to engage your followers.

However, not all platforms support Live Photos. When sharing on Facebook, you can upload the Live Photo directly without any conversion.

It will display as a moving photo on both mobile and desktop platforms. On Instagram, which doesn’t support Live Photos, you have the option to convert your Live Photo to a video format.

This can be done using third-party apps like Lively, which allows you to convert Live Photos to video or even create GIFs. Once converted, you can upload the video to Instagram and share the captivating moment with your followers. 5.

Converting Live Photos: If you want to share your Live Photos on non-compatible platforms, such as messaging apps or websites that only support regular photos, you can convert your Live Photos to still images. To do this, open the Live Photo in the Photos app, tap on the word “LIVE” in the top-left corner to play the Live Photo, and pause it at the desired moment.

Then, tap on the share icon and choose the method you want to use to share the still image. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps that convert Live Photos to other formats, such as videos or GIFs. Apps like Adobe Premiere Rush, VSCO X, and Apple iMovie offer features that allow you to convert Live Photos to different video or GIF formats, giving you more flexibility in sharing your Live Photos on various platforms.

Benefits and Uses of Live Photos

There are several benefits to using Live Photos. They allow you to record a few seconds of video along with your photo, capturing the perfect moment even if you missed the exact timing.

The flexibility of Live Photos allows you to fully immerse yourself in the memories, as the motion brings the images to life. This unique combination of photo and video ensures that you have a high-quality result, with all the details captured in stunning clarity.

Additional Resources

For further information and tips on sharing photos successfully, you may want to consider reading the ebook “Social Success Strategies.” This resource provides valuable insights and optimal ways to share not only Live Photos but all types of photos in various social media contexts. Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or simply want to share your life with your friends, this ebook is a comprehensive guide that can help you make the most out of your photo-sharing experience.

In conclusion, viewing and sharing Live Photos is a seamless process that allows you to bring your memories to life and share them with others. Whether it’s through messaging apps, social media platforms, or even through email, Live Photos provide an immersive and captivating way to engage your audience.

So go ahead, take breathtaking Live Photos, view them with joy, and share them with the world. In conclusion, Live Photos offer a unique and immersive way to capture and share moments with a combination of photos and videos.

By activating Live Photos, capturing motion, and utilizing various methods of sharing, we can create stunning and engaging memories. Whether it’s through messaging apps, Airdrop, social media platforms, or converting Live Photos to still images or videos, there are numerous ways to share these captivating moments.

The flexibility and high quality of Live Photos provide endless possibilities for creativity and storytelling. So, grab your iPhone, start capturing Live Photos, and let your memories come to life.

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