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Unleashing your Photography Skills: Mastering Long Exposure with Intervalometers

Title: Mastering Long Exposure Photography with IntervalometersAre you a photography enthusiast looking to take your skills to the next level? If you’re intrigued by the captivating images showcasing streaks of light or the gradual unfolding of time, then intervalometers are your new best friend.

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of intervalometers, exploring their definition, functions, benefits, features, and various uses. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of this essential tool that can help you capture stunning long exposure photography and mesmerizing time-lapse sequences.

So, let’s dive in!

to Intervalometers

Definition and Function of Intervalometers

Have you ever wondered how photographers manage to capture a series of photos at preset intervals without physically being present? Enter the intervalometer.

An intervalometer, sometimes referred to as a timer or trigger, is a device specifically designed to control the timing and frequency of your camera’s shutter release. By connecting an intervalometer to your camera, you gain the unique ability to capture sequences of photos automatically, without pressing the shutter button each time.

Benefits of Using Intervalometers

Now that we understand what intervalometers are, let’s explore the advantages they offer. One significant benefit is the ability to create long exposure photography.

By setting the intervalometer to take a series of photos with longer exposure times, you can capture stunning images with smoothed waterfalls, ghostly light trails, and dreamy night skies. Apart from long exposure photography, intervalometers also prove invaluable when it comes to time-lapse photography.

By specifying the desired time interval between shots, an intervalometer allows you to capture the gradual passage of time and reveal the hidden beauty of slow-moving subjects, such as plants growing, clouds floating across the sky, or bustling city scenes. Additionally, using an intervalometer eliminates the risk of camera shake, ensuring your images are tack sharp.

Instead of manually pressing the shutter button, which can introduce unwanted vibrations, the intervalometer’s precise timing allows for consistent and stable photographs.

Features and Uses of Intervalometers

Features of Intervalometers

Now that we appreciate the benefits, let’s explore the features that make intervalometers indispensable tools for photographers. One essential feature is the locking mechanism, which allows you to keep the shutter open for extended periods.

This is especially useful in capturing expansive and breathtaking landscapes, where longer exposure times are necessary to create a sense of motion and tranquility. Another valuable feature is the self-timer, which can be essential when your subject is outside your immediate reach.

By setting the delay on the intervalometer, you can ensure you have ample time to get into the frame, compose your shot, and strike a pose before the camera clicks. Intervalometers also offer the capability to specify the exact shot interval.

Whether you want to capture images every few seconds or minutes, intervalometers provide precise control over the number of shots taken and the time between each shot. This feature is particularly valuable when shooting fast-paced events or creating time-lapse sequences with specific timings.

Applications of Intervalometers

Having explored the features, let’s now delve into the practical uses of intervalometers. Long exposures are a classic application, where photographers can capture ethereal scenes, such as silky waterfalls, misty seascapes, or starry night skies.

The intervalometer’s control over the shutter speed allows for extended exposure times, resulting in dramatic, eye-catching images that transport viewers to an entirely different world. Time-lapse photography is another exciting application where intervalometers shine.

Whether you want to document the construction of a building, capture the fleeting moments of a sunrise, or document the daily activities of an ant colony, intervalometers bring life to your painstakingly crafted time-lapse sequences. In the world of studio photography, intervalometers offer unparalleled convenience by allowing photographers to take self-portraits or group shots without the need for a remote operator.

Whether experimenting with creative self-portraits or organizing family photoshoots, an intervalometer saves the day by ensuring everyone is included in the frame at just the right moment. By now, you should be well-equipped with the knowledge to unleash your creativity and advance your skills with intervalometers.

From capturing exceptional long exposures to crafting mesmerizing time-lapse sequences, the possibilities are endless. So, why wait?

Connect an intervalometer to your camera and embark on a photographic journey that pushes the boundaries of your creativity. Remember, intervalometers are not just accessories, but gateways to otherworldly imagery.

With each click of the shutter, you have the power to freeze time, expose hidden wonders, and tell stories that transcend the confines of reality. It’s time to embrace the magic of intervalometers and unlock your full potential as a photographer.

Happy shooting!

Setting up an Intervalometer

Using a Built-in Interval Timer in the Camera

Many modern cameras come equipped with built-in interval timers, making it convenient to set up and use without the need for additional accessories. To access the interval timer on your camera, navigate through the menu settings until you find the appropriate option.

Depending on the camera model, the exact location and naming of this feature may vary. Once you’ve located the interval timer, you can customize various settings to suit your needs.

The most common options include the time between shots and the total number of images to be captured. The time between shots determines how long the camera waits before taking the next photo, while the number of images sets the total count for the sequence.

This built-in feature is perfect for those who want a straightforward and hassle-free way to capture time-lapse or long exposure shots. However, it’s essential to note that not all cameras have this built-in capability.

If your camera lacks this feature, don’t worry; external intervalometers can be connected to most cameras to provide the same functionality.

Using an External Intervalometer

External intervalometers offer more extensive functionality and control, making them a preferred option for many photographers. These devices connect to your camera via a cable or use wireless technology, providing flexibility and convenience.

When using an external intervalometer connected by cable, make sure your camera supports the specific connection type required by the intervalometer. Once connected, you can set various parameters through the intervalometer’s interface.

This includes specifying the delay mode, which allows a certain period to pass before the first photo is taken. This feature is useful when you need time to adjust your composition or prepare yourself for self-portraits.

In addition to delay mode, external intervalometers also allow precise control over the interval between shots. You can set the desired time interval, whether it’s a few seconds or several minutes, ensuring you capture every detail of your subject’s gradual transformation.

Some advanced intervalometers even offer additional features, such as exposure ramping, which gradually adjusts the exposure settings between shots for smoother transitions in time-lapse sequences. Wireless remote intervalometers take convenience to the next level by eliminating the need for a physical cable connection to your camera.

With a wireless remote, you can trigger the shutter from a distance, making it ideal for capturing wildlife, avoiding vibrations during long exposures, or simply adding a touch of spontaneity to your photography.

Affordable and

Recommended Intervalometers

Affordability of Intervalometers

As with most camera accessories, intervalometers come in a range of prices to cater to different budgets. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options available that offer excellent functionality without breaking the bank.

Affordable intervalometers can typically be found online or at local camera stores, offering affordable solutions for photographers looking to experiment with long exposure and time-lapse photography. Since prices can fluctuate, it’s essential to research and compare different models to find the most cost-effective option that meets your requirements.

Reading user reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow photographers can provide valuable insights into the reliability and performance of various intervalometers.

Recommended Intervalometers

While there are numerous intervalometers available on the market, one highly regarded option is the Neewer LCD Remote Shutter Release. This intervalometer offers a range of features, including the ability to set the duration between shots, the total number of images, and the delay time, all accessible through an easy-to-use LCD screen.

It also offers a variety of cable connectors to ensure compatibility with various camera models. Another popular choice among photographers is the Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller, which offers advanced features and compatibility with Canon cameras.

With programmable functions, interval settings, and long exposure capabilities, this intervalometer is a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, it provides a sturdy design and intuitive controls, making it easy to operate in a variety of shooting situations.


With the knowledge gained about intervalometers, their functions, features, and practical uses, you’re now well on your way to capturing stunning long exposures and captivating time-lapse sequences. Whether you choose to utilize your camera’s built-in interval timer or opt for an external intervalometer, understanding the various settings and options available allows you to unleash your creativity and push the boundaries of your photography.

Remember, affordability doesn’t mean compromising on functionality. There are numerous affordable intervalometers available that offer an excellent balance of features and price.

When choosing an intervalometer, consider your specific needs, compatibility with your camera model, and the additional features that may enhance your photography. So, grab your intervalometer, experiment with different settings, and immerse yourself in the magical world of long exposure and time-lapse photography.

With each click of the shutter, you’ll create breathtaking images that mesmerize viewers and tell stories in a unique and enchanting way. Embrace the possibilities, and never stop exploring the world of intervalometers the gateway to extraordinary imagery.

Further Learning and Course Recommendations

Time-Lapse Photography Course

While this article has provided you with a comprehensive overview of intervalometers and their uses, it’s important to remember that mastering time-lapse photography involves more than just understanding the technical aspects of using an intervalometer. To truly excel in this captivating form of photography and create breathtaking sequences, it can be beneficial to invest in further learning through specialized courses.

One highly recommended course for aspiring time-lapse photographers is the “Total Time-Lapse” course. This comprehensive online course is designed to help photographers at any skill level dive deep into the world of time-lapse photography and gain a thorough understanding of the entire process from conceptualization to post-production.

The “Total Time-Lapse” course covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that you gain a holistic understanding of this art form. The course starts by exploring the foundations of time-lapse photography, including the equipment needed, camera settings, and intervalometer usage.

It then delves into advanced techniques, such as exposure ramping, motion control, and managing complex lighting situations. Beyond the technical aspects, the course also emphasizes the importance of creative vision and storytelling.

By teaching you how to select compelling subjects, create dynamic compositions, and tell a visual narrative, the course ensures that your time-lapse sequences stand out and evoke emotion in your audience. One unique aspect of the “Total Time-Lapse” course is its emphasis on post-production techniques.

Time-lapse sequences often require extensive editing to achieve the desired cinematic effect. This course guides you through the process of processing and editing your images, creating smooth transitions between frames, and enhancing the overall visual impact of your final sequence.

By enrolling in the “Total Time-Lapse” course, you not only gain access to the course material but also become part of a community of like-minded individuals. This allows you to connect with fellow photographers, share your work for feedback, and engage in discussions about the art and craft of time-lapse photography.

The course also provides additional resources, such as downloadable cheat sheets and presets, to assist you throughout your learning journey. In addition to the “Total Time-Lapse” course, there are various other online resources and tutorials available that cater to different skill levels and specific aspects of time-lapse photography.

Whether you’re interested in mastering astro time-lapses, capturing urban landscapes, or exploring the world of hyper-lapses, there’s a course out there tailored to your specific interests. Remember that learning is a continuous process.

As technology evolves and new techniques emerge, it’s important to stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in time-lapse photography. Continuing to expand your knowledge and skills through courses, workshops, and online resources will help you refine your craft and take your time-lapse photography to new heights.

So, if you’re truly passionate about time-lapse photography, consider investing in the “Total Time-Lapse” course or exploring other educational resources available. The knowledge and insights gained from these courses will not only refine your technical skills but also foster your creative vision, enabling you to capture mesmerizing time-lapses that truly leave a lasting impression.

In conclusion, while intervalometers are powerful tools that enable photographers to capture stunning long exposures and mesmerizing time-lapse sequences, it’s vital to remember that they are just one component of the larger art of time-lapse photography. Investing in further learning through courses such as the “Total Time-Lapse” course or exploring other educational resources will help you refine your skills, expand your creative vision, and take your time-lapse photography to new heights.

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of time-lapse photography, and enjoy the journey of exploring this captivating art form. In conclusion, intervalometers are powerful tools that enable photographers to capture stunning long exposures and mesmerizing time-lapse sequences.

Whether using a built-in interval timer in the camera or an external intervalometer, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. By understanding the features, benefits, and practical uses of intervalometers, photographers can elevate their skills and capture breathtaking imagery.

Additionally, investing in further learning through specialized courses, such as the “Total Time-Lapse” course, can provide invaluable knowledge and enhance both technical proficiency and creative vision. Embrace the opportunity to explore the world of intervalometers and time-lapse photography, and unlock your full potential as a photographer.

Happy shooting!

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